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Presentation Design

You remember that ice cream cup, which was white but decorated with raisins and colorful tutti frutti and choco chips with cherries and beautiful biscuits on top? Ha-ha-ha I reminded you, but it is not mine. It is "wow" for that presentation that you remember and that attracts you to come eat me again and again. So now you understand what the contribution of presentation is in any business.

Vending Machine, Kiosk UI Designs

My top multimedia presentation designs were for huge and fantastic clients like Volkswagen, BMW, and National Geographic. You can see a few of them here with screen shots of how I designed those presentations.

I've been working as a presentation designer since 1999. As I remember, I made the first  Touch Screen Kiosk Presentation for Garhwal Tourism (GMVNL) in 1999, the time when kiosks were introduced. After that, I got so many projects. Working for Golf Game Simulator was also unforgettable. I really enjoy working on UI design for vending machine intelligent management and game simulators.

Presentation is a very important thing since it is undoubtedly the first thing that persuades the consumer or visitor on many different levels.

In your business, you can use the power of multimedia presentations. You will find yourself more confident in presenting your business in front of others. If you want me to work on any type of business presentation, you can contact me.