Graphic Design

What is Graphic Designing

First thing first. Okay lets start with a question what is Graphic designing, and how it helps?

Graphic Designing is a method to convey knowledge or you can say it is a process to represent information or visual communication. For more clarity, if you see a simple calendar “somewhere”, that can also be part of a graphic design process. In today’s time nothing is untouched by this procedure.

Graphics are used in packaging and marketing of everything from food to wear. All types of pamphlet, posters, brochures, magazines, books which spreads information, to be more effective all go through graphic design process.

The person who does all these tasks is called a professional graphic designer and please note we are not even talking about film making method right now. It is also used efficiently in the film making and in a much larger dimensions and then, gaming industry have extremely massive uses. Graphic Designing have tremendous scope in life and it is difficult to describe its usage in few paragraphs.

It is not that it was not in the olden times. The method was something else and it still looks somewhere, where there are no new mediums. In the past graphic designing was done on paper with color and brushes. It is now done more quickly and efficiently with technology and resources, it is not that paper and pencil are no longer used. We use but initially.

Nowadays we use computers and graphic designing software. Designing software are also called designing tools. There are some popular software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Coreldraw.

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