Graphic Design

Types of Graphics

Let’s talk a little bit about how different types of computer graphics can be. Generally we can keep them in 2 sections. The first type is 2D graphics and the second is 3D graphics. In 2D graphics we perceive width and height, while 3D graphics give us also an idea of ​​depth. If we go a little deeper then there are also 2 types of 2D graphics.

The first is raster graphics also called bitmap graphics based mainly on pixels, while the second type is vector graphics based entirely on mathematics. Both types of graphics are made from design software, so software’s are also different for both these types.

One of the world famous software for raster graphics is Photoshop and Illustrator is used for vector graphics.

Hence those who may have been frightened to hear the name of the mathematics above, there is no need to fear. The work of math is of software’s. Both types of graphics have their own quality.

Now understand that if you enlarge the raster graphics then the raster graphics get blurred after a limit and more pixels have to be used to make the high quality raster graphics. With which your computer has to put more power.

Whereas vector graphics is based on the math so they will not get distorted up by looking big. The power of your computer is poorly used for vector graphics and can be printed up to any extent.

Vector graphics software is used to design large billboards or to create the smallest details. But if you have to edit a photo or use special effects, then raster graphic software will prove more useful to you. For example: Celebrities are made more attractive in Photoshop.

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